Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happiness is...

 These morning glories have been so interesting this year.  I planted them from seed in the spring and they have been huge and lush with lots of green but without any blooms at all.  My friend who is my gardening guru told me that they probably weren't getting enough water.  Strange thing, two weeks ago, after a heavy rain, all of a sudden, they began to bloom so I guess she was right.  Now, I get to enjoy both pink and lilac coloured flowers every morning.

It's a little thing but when Pk was at music class today, Lb and I built with blocks for an hour.  We had so much fun, building high towers and knocking them down.  When I could blow a tower down, he laughed until he cried.  So often, we are running so hard we can't enjoy these little moments.  This was such a treat.

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