Friday, January 3, 2014

It Matters

I don't know about you but for me, sometimes, I feel as if nobody is noticing the little things I do to try and make things a bit more beautiful for those around me.  Young kids and the chaos that goes with them means that a lot gets lost in the shuffle and it's easy, as a mom, to feel as if one's efforts are invisible.

I had the nicest reminder today of how important the little things can be and that they are noticed.  Since she started school, three years ago, I started writing Pk a note every day in her lunch.  I usually include a picture (I do these on the computer) and each month is done on a theme, either of something that Pk loves, like My Little Pony, Rudolph, horses, our dogs or something that we share together (e.g., in December, each picture was somehow connected to the stories we were exploring for our Jesse Tree).  I don't see the notes once they go in her lunch and I just assumed that they get recycled.  Today, I learned what happens.  I was cleaning out her backpack to get ready for school on Monday.  Her teacher had asked each student to bring home pencil cases from desks and Pk had two.  I checked them to see if she needs anything.  The first one contained all of the items I expected - her scissors, her pencils, markers, etc.  The second one surprised me.  It was filled with paper.  I was shocked to see that every note I have written her this year was in the pencil case.  I asked her about it and she told me that she likes to save them so she can read them again.  That means more to me than I can ever say.  I feel so very lucky to be her mom!

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