Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Day

Here we go, I have finally entered the world of blogging.  I doubt anyone will read this but there is some pleasure in the anonymity of blogging.  I like getting to peek into the lives of others and I will be interesting to try and see my life from that neutral third person perspective.  

Life is a real challenge for me right now - going back to work after having my daughter, who I adore but who is not exactly easy going, dealing with the fact that I feel like I am dragged in hundreds of directions each day... wife, mother, teacher, homemaker (that one feels like it is really faltering right now), human being, individual, friend, daughter, Christian... it's pretty overwhelming.  As a consumate type-A personality, I am feeling like I am at a stage in which I have a lot of lessons to learn and I don't feel particularly interested in learning right now - I would much rather curl up with a good book.  This past year, I have done lots of praying, asking God to show me what the lesson is that I need to learn right now and to help me to learn it quickly... sadly, I think that lesson might be patience and learning it quickly would go against the lesson itself.  The worst part is that I am seeing my own traits coming out in my daughter already - I really need to learn these lessons if I am going to teach her well.  

I am looking forward to blogging as an outlet for creativity and a chance to connect.  Thanks for reading!


  1. hey! Welcome to the world of bloggers, lady!

    To welcome you into the fold, I'm inviting people to come and say hi, and to tell you which month of their archives would have posts about their own 16-month-olds, and maybe to leave a link to a post about finding their way as parents. All good ways to get to know what their journeys were like, and to get to know them a bit, too, without reading ALL of their archives!

    I didn't start blogging until Pumpkinpie was about 22 months, though, so instead, I'm going to link to a list of posts about various parenting dilemmas. Just so you know we all have worries and it never comes easy!

    I think you'll like it here.

  2. I'm here at kittenpie's behest. Welcome to blogging.

    I was told to go thru my blog and find a post to give you some comfort or advice about how I dealt with my child when she was your age, but upon going thru my archives, I discovered that I was one self-absorbed ranty-ranty chick. So I shall spare you.

    Major Bedhead

  3. Oops, I don't read directions thoroughly (and I'm an editor!)

    Jumped the gun there. I've been blogging for four and a half years, since I first found out I was pregs. It's been quite the journey of getting sucked into an addictive pasttime and getting caught up in who's reading you, etc. But I've let that go for some time now and post when I have something to say.

    It's like a clearinghouse for my head. I have gone through a lot of ups and downs, which you can read about in my blog. Here's a particularly annoying day I had this summer.

    Here's another from when I went back to work after my firstborn.

    There were a lot of them when I first went back to work. Consider it a period of adjustment and learn to roll with the punches.

    Mostly though, people read me because I make them laugh and it makes their day a bit brighter. Here's a good one: (sorry I curse a LOT)

  4. Hi & welcome!

    When my son was 16 months old I was already pregnant with his younger brother and so all my posts that month were about WOE and TIRED me. (That was November 07, in case you are fond of WOE and TIRED posts). However I have many doubts about my own parenting. Twice as many now that I have two children! I tend to use questionable humour. Or sometimes I get thinky. These days I mostly talk about sleep.

  5. Welcome! So I'm a little late to the party - I meant to come over right away when Kittenpie made the request. She was the first non-person-I-knew to ever leave a comment on my blog. I was so excited!

    I can't find any great 16-month stories with my younger one ("Penguin" 21 months old today) and I hadn't started blogging yet with my elder one (Pumpkin - almost 4 1/2), but here's a bit about Penguin I wrote in November with lots of links to other posts about her...