Monday, February 16, 2009


As a Valentine's Day activity, our church had a "date movie night" and they showed Fireproof.  We couldn't go - no babysitter and it wasn't a kid friendly event so we decided that we would rent the movie and watch it a home after PK went to bed.  I can't remember the last time we watched a movie together.

We REALLY enjoyed this film.   I am sure that my non-Christian friends would find it trite and cliched and predictable (which is may well be but sometimes I need that in my life).   We both found it to be a wonderfully affirming and positive movie.  It had some humour (that wasn't totally over the top and kept it from being entirely depressing) and the message of hope was very powerful.  We both cried at several points and got up from it feeling so much more hopeful and happy than we were before we started.  I would like to buy "The Love Dare" and see if it has the magic of the film - I am not sure that it could live up to the movie but I loved the film so much, I would like to continue some contact with it's affirming and positive message.

It was also really nice to watch a movie and not feel like I am somehow betraying the life I want to lead.  I remember a minister who had some wonderful ideas say once that we, as Christians, need to think carefully about all of our media choices.  While we may think that it's just "mindless t.v." that once images enter our minds, they become a part of who we are, of our life experiences.  I can remember one movie in particular that I watched that I found very disturbing and lying in bed several days later with images from the film popping into my mind.Since then, I have tried to be more deliberate about the choices I make in terms of what I watch or read.

  I have no shame in making "Fireproof" part of my life experience.  I just struggle with the fact that it stars Kirk Cameron - to me, he will always be that slightly bratty kid from Growing Pains.


  1. I like Kirk Cameron <3

    But really, the movie was awesome. I too make careful decisions about what I'm watching (which is why the TV has been off most of the time lately) but this movie was definitely worth it.

  2. Sara, I too had a struggle looking past the Growing Pain images in my head! LOL! We saw Fireproof in the theaters with some friends of ours and I was impressed. It was predictable at points but I too agree with you that sometimes that is just what I need. I think the message that it sends and the struggles that it showed are very easy for people to relate to. I purchased the movie for my Hubby for Vday and bought the Love Dare book for myself. I have yet to start it but I figured it can't hurt to attempt!

  3. You will have to let me know what you think of The Love Dare. I was thinking about buying it, myself!