Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Down Memory Lane

A friend from church has a little girl who is just under a year old and I decided to offer to lend her all of Pk's stuff (I was considering giving rather than lending but I am not entirely certain that we are done with having babies - I am too old and too poor but I would love to have another little girl...). I spend the better part of a morning going through the bins of clothing a pulled a few of my favourites to keep back and decided to share a few with you.

This is the first sweater I ever made for Pk. It was foolish, really - who wears a short-sleeved sweater but it looked really cute (and you see it on the top banner for the blog). I hope it is the first in a long line of sweaters that mummy will make for Pk.

This was the dress she wore for her first Easter. It was the start of my early Gymboree addiction (which has since waned - nothing like poverty to cure you of spending).
This little outfit was brought to us by a friend who lives in England and it is so soft and cuddly. It was one of the outfits that made me wish that I could wear children's clothing - this would be perfect for lounging around with a book and tea on the weekend.
This dress was sent by another very special English friend (who I have lost contact with because I got too busy and never seemed to have time and I greatly regret that). The photos don't do the dress justice (my camera was acting up) but it has the loveliest smocking (I have a huge thing for smocking, I love, love, love it).

This was the dress that Pk wore for her turning 1 photos. I love navy and white and especially anything that has a bit of a nautical look. She looked lovely in this and the photos were better than I could have ever imagined.
I love this dress - the colour and the springiness of it. She wore it to the 150th anniversary of Dh's parents' church and I got to see how people are really drawn to her. It isn't always the happiest of churches and yet some of the grouchiest people went out of their way to smother her in cuddles, smiles and crackers :-). It was so nice to see how her warm smile can draw people in (when she chooses - normally, she can be somewhat aloof and shy). A friend bought the same dress for her little girl (actually, the friend I am giving the clothing to) and she always calls the dress "the Pk dress" since it so fits who Pk is. And hey, it's not pink, which, according to Pk, everything has to be these days.

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