Monday, January 24, 2011

Multitude Monday 131 -

holy experience

The past few days have been filled with wonderful people. At this time of year, I find that I can feel really isolated and often, my resolutions for the year include something along the lines of putting more emphasis on important friendships and extending hospitality more often. This year was no exception and so far into 2011, I have been pretty good. I can thank Pk for a lot of it - she is quick to form friendships and much of our entertaining has been friends of hers and their mothers for playdates. It's been great and we are actually thinking of setting up some kind of mom's group, either a crafting group or a book club, just to give us all a chance to get to know each other better and to get a little break. I also went into work today with Baby Bean and had lunch with friends in the staffroom. I don't want to go back to work and I DREAD leaving Baby Bean at daycare but I have to admit, it was really nice to go back today and reconnect with the wonderful people with whom I work. I'm lucky.

131. working with other women who have children and who understand how torn working mothers feel
132. watching Pk form the beginnings of friendships that I hope with colour the rest of her life with love and support
133. two little girls in full costume playing our piano and giggling
134. the words, "mummy, I love you!"
135. the way that Baby Bean has of winning men over (at work today, the men, who always sit together in the staffroom, informed me that Baby Bean should be sitting at their table - he is all boy and men seem to be really drawn to him)
136. the fact that my friend whose husband was drinking heavily and putting great stress on the marriage, has found peace and her husband seems to be dealing with his issues
137. having found a friend who knits!
138. the good feeling that comes from being able to help out a friend (a good friend with a 3 year old and a 12 week old baby blew out her ACL last week and we dropped over bottles for the baby when Grandma was babysitting and in a panic, and took a meal over for the family later in the week - everyone was so nice, it felt like they were doing something for us instead of the other way around)
139. feeling like we have finally made firm connections in town (not easy in a small town of this size)
140. the fact that our town is so small that when bedtime stories were cancelled at the library due to the librarian being sick, we got a personal call at home since we usually go to save us the trip - I love the little personal touches that make me feel accepted
141. spoiling myself (with dh's approval) to the lovely dishes with a bird on them (I have a thing for birds in the winter but only English-looking little birds) - I know that I shouldn't be thinking so much about stuff but I am loving the look of the dishes and it makes tea feel more like a treat

Have a wonderful week!


  1. that library call? Not just a small town thing - when I can get a staff member to read me the list over the phone if I have to miss a programme, I call families, too. it's hard enough to get kids out in winter without adding disappointment on top!

  2. The nice thing was, there wasn't a sign up for the programme, Heather just knew that we usually come to these things. The best part - we usually return our movies on Thursdays since that's Pk's storytime day. I had called back to the library on Wed night and was told that the programme for Thurs would be cancelled, too (by someone who was wrong, it turned out). We forgot about the movies and returned them late ($1 per day fine) and since they were "concerned" that we had missed Thurs by their mistake, they waived my fines for me. I know you would help me with fines (!) but normally, our techs are pretty officious...