Monday, April 4, 2011

2 Weeks

A friend and I have had a Friday playdate for the last few months. It's been fun. Our daughters are fairly close in age and really enjoy each other (most of the time, LOL) and our babies are about a month apart, too, so it's nice for them to get to watch each other. Most of all, though, it's been nice for the moms to get a chance to chat and to get out. Sadly, M, the other mom, goes back to work this week and I go back in two weeks so this was our last Friday playdate.

The babies were hilarious this week. They are noticing each other more and more and they both seem fairly patient with being grabbed by the other baby. Baby Bean was funny, trying to keep holding onto whatever he had but also grab Baby I's toy, too.

They have a fantastic backyard, with leveled gardens and a gazebo and bridge (Pk though someone having a bridge in their yard was amazing!) The girls had fun playing and came in dirty from head to toe.

Baby Bean had a container of cheerios and the kids began playing with them and then ended up everywhere. That provided its own kind of fun for everyone.
I am not counting Saturdays in my "back to work" countdown since weekends will be mine anyway. This past Saturday ended up being a lovely day. As always, Pk started her Saturday morning with CBC Kids and her couch that Uncle J bought her. We thought he was crazy when he got this for her (she was 3 months old) and he joked that this way, he would know that she always had a couch for him to crash on. She LOVES the couch and, as you can see, so does Baby Bean these days. My children truly have the best bedhead.

We had to cancel something fun that we were going to do on Thursday so we decided that we would give Pk a treat and for her, there is no bigger treat than pancakes at the places she fondly refers to as, "Old Macdonalds". We went to one in a Walmart so that we could run a few errands first and then sat down to breakfast. Both children really enjoyed themselves!

When we got home, we met up with some friends at the park. It's funny, these friends used to live about half an hour away and so getting together involved a fair bit of planning. Now, they live two streets over and it's great to be able to casually call and see if they want to hit the park or walk the dogs.

Baby Bean fell asleep in the car on the way back from breakfast and then refused to sleep at home (a hazard of living somewhere that is at least 10 minutes drive from everything) so, as you can see, he wasn't in the greatest of moods. I wasn't either, in particular because we had been at the park for less than 10 minutes when Pk announced that she had to go to the washroom. There are no public washrooms anywhere near the park so, with both children and the big stroller, we had to trek to a local restaurant and beg to be allowed to use their facilities. Luckily, they were nice about it but I was frustrated - nothing like trying to hang onto a baby AND help a little girl in a public washroom.
Our friends brought their dog, a rottweiler cross, with us to the park. She was such a gentle dog and Baby Bean enjoyed her company.
After naptime, we knew that we had to get the dogs out for a good run. It's finally warming up so out routine on weekends is to take the dogs to the local forest. There are many different trails and the hike is easy enough that Pk can do it without much whining. The dogs had a blast, we all thrived on the fresh air. Lucie, our wilder day, managed to fall through the melting ice into the pond, which gave us a scare but she got herself out. At least it washed off all of the mud so we didn't have to give the dogs baths when we got home.

Pk has never met a puddle that she didn't like and there were puddles aplenty on our walk. I wish I was as successful at finding the pleasure in the little things as she is!
Chelsea was in heaven. She may be almost 10 but she still can run with the best of them and she doesn't look bad at all! She still has managed to keep nice and slim, too.

So, there's my ramble for the day. I don't have anything of any interest to say but it's fun keeping a photo journal of these important days.

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