Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happiness Project - Month One, Wk 1 Check-in

So far, so good. I can't say that I have been anywhere near as disciplined as I should be. Last Sunday was my first computer free Sunday and despite feeling a bit lost, it was really nice. I felt as if I had gained a huge amount of time. I also realised, though, just how dependent I am on the computer, as I had to send Dh a couple of times to check things for me (recipes, directions, Sunday School lesson plans). I am going to have to be more on top of things if I am going to continue computer free on Sundays.

Drinking more water has definitely been a good thing. I have had fewer afternoon headaches, which is huge for me. I have always just put it down to my body's natural rhythm but with all the water, I haven't been as sluggish after two. I do need to make sure I have fresh ice in the freezer, though - I don't like my water warm.

The going to bed earlier thing has been a complete flop. I was good for the first few nights and really felt better for it. As the week went on, though, and I got busy, I started to stay up later and I have definitely been paying for it. I have also become less good about no computer within 45 minutes of bedtime and that is making a difference, too. I found that when I avoided the computer during that period, I had a much easier time getting to sleep.

I plan on being more diligent this week. With report cards due at the end of the week and Baby Bean's birthday on Saturday, that is going to take some real discipline but I expect it will probably make a huge different to my outlook this next week.

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