Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer is Here

We've had rhubarb custard pie, the church picnic, our peonies have been battered by rain and school is out on Thursday. All of the harbingers of summer have arrived. I am so excited! I'm not a huge sun worshipper but I adore the relaxed atmosphere that comes with summer and the leisurely pace.

Every year, summer comes and goes and I realise that I haven't done most of the things that I wanted to do. This year, I am making a summer list and I plan to try and cross everything off my list before we go back to school in September. Maybe posting it here will make me accountable. Here's this year's list:

-pick strawberries and make jam
-eat dinner outside at least once a week
-read outside at least once
-make zuchini relish
-take the kids to the farm once a week
-do something special for Canada Day
-do a BIG clear-out of junk at home so that I can go back to work with the house in better shape
-memorize Psalm 91 (one of my favourite pieces of scripture)
-have music on all the time
-plan Pk's birthday party with enough time before that I am not CRAZED the week it happens
-take Pk at least once to the wading pool at the end of my parents' street in the big city
-have at least one picnic using my picnic basket and eaten on a blanket
-swim in fresh water at least once (probably while visit my parents or the in-laws)
-spend as little money as possible as we launch into our "Total Money Makeover"
-sit with the lights off to watch a thunderstorm
-run three times a week and finish the 5k to 8k series I am doing

I may add to the list but there are the biggies right now. What are your plans for summer?


  1. I love the idea of making a list of things to do this summer - I need to do this. I think I'll have my girls help me, and then when we have a day where we need something to do, we can pull out our list!

  2. We were going to start by taking my day off and going to the AGO this afternoon, Ppie & I, but of course, she's now not feeling well, so she's watching magic School Bus and lying on the couch, instead. Hope this isn't a harbinger of how well all our plans turn out!

  3. Last year I wanted to "go places & do stuff" during the summer, but it just never happened. This year, we have sticker charts of our jobs that includes "Friday Fun Day." So far, I've been MUCH more successful with my "weekly" or "often" being turned into a "Friday." The girls and I then expect, plan for, and DO something fun that day!

    After doing the Couch-to-5K business myself (& running a 5K this weekend), I'm intrigued by your 5k to 8k series - tell me more? Thanks!