Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day of Rest

Baby Bean gave me the nicest gift today. Since he was about 4 weeks old, he stopped being willing to nap with me during the day. He would sleep on me or near me but the moment my head hit the pillow during the day, he was wide away and ready to go. I was very sad to give up my daily nap (which, at the end of my pregnancy, was what got me through the day).

Well, this afternoon, Pk was down, Dh was doing jobs and my eyes were getting really heavy. I nursed Baby Bean and he fell asleep on my lap. Dh suggested trying to get him to nap with me and I though, what the heck (earlier, I wouldn't even try since there is nothing worse that just getting settled and being wakened up, then, I would be tired and bitter). We slowly walked to the bedroom, he opened his eyes and I did a little sigh. No nap today, I guess. I decided to chance it anyway. I tightly wrapped him in my arms and we lay down. He looked in my eyes, gave me a gentle smile and drifted off. We slept for almost two hours. I actually woke up every half hour or so to check that he was still breathing, it was so out of character.

What a beautiful gift!


  1. I did that the other day. Needed a nap, and my little Bram seems to know when I try to sleep because he will cry... so I put him on my chest and he napped with me. My daughter was napping as well... we all slept 2 hours. Isn't it great!?

    I love reading about you and your kids! :)

  2. Yay! Sometimes when you think you've hit your wits' end, you get those little moments that remind you that you will make it. Nice timing, baby bean.