Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekly Check In

Here's a new Monday feature (and one that will hopefully keep me posting). I want to check in with what is going on in my life but in the short version (something I don't do well).
Here's my week:

1. What I am reading - just finished "The Double Comfort Safari Club" by Alexander McCall Smith ( I LOVE his books) and just started Beverly Lewis "The Reckoning" (her books have become a real guilty pleasure)

2. A new recipe - pumpkin bread - a must at this time of year and the recipe was really good (from Jonni McCoy's cookbook that I reviewed here a while ago)

3. What's new - Pk started highland dance class tonight and I think it was a success!

4. What we've been up to - just got back from a visit to Dh's parents

5. A job that needs doing - writing a letter to the nursery parents at church, since it seems like I have kind of become coordinator

6. Something I'm watching - not big on t.v. but I have gotten hooked into Oprah's last season (something to watch while I am on the ski machine in the morning) - don't think it will last long, I can only take so much of Oprah

7. Something on my mind - getting a bit of weight off before we have family pics done in October

8. How the kids are doing - both have a raging cold, Pk is in the throws of the "tempestuous threes" (going back and forth between being wonderfully sweet and a holy terror), Baby Bean is grouchy because of the cold but very smiley and cuddly generally

9. Current crafting project - working very slowly on a bamboo yarn sweater for Pk that looks like it might end up being quite pretty

10. Goal for the week - get the maternity clothing I borrowed from J packed up and returned

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Speaking of maternity clothes - you gave mine back just in time to discover that Misterpie's sister who I really like is expecting! We had been aggressively purging our baby stuff, but now I can give her all the books and maternity clothes, at least, and I'm offering her the change table and my sling, so at least I have a few of the things you use for so little time you hate to buy them and one really solid piece of furniture to offer her!

    and you? Should not worry about the weight thing yet. It takes time, people know you just had a baby. Cut yourself a little slack for once, woman! Love you, don't want you to make yourself (more) crazy.