Monday, October 18, 2010

1000 Gifts 30 - 40

holy experience

We had my parents-in-law down for the weekend and it was a good time for gratitude. For a long time, there was a great deal of tension in the family but lately, things have gotten better. Dh and I finally stood up for ourselves which, at first, brought stress but has since really helped. We are the type to stew over something and let it interfere instead of having the courage to be honest, even when it isn't easy - this has been a steep learning curve for us but in the long run, it's really paid off, for all of us.

30. family meals at our dining room table
31. the glee of children seeing their grandparents
32. princesses and dress up, especially when Grandpa gets to be Queen Esther
33. fall Saturdays
34. meals for company when everything turns out just right
35. the love between my children
36. belonging to a church that is committed to supporting families
37. being able to share hospitality
38. spicy gingerbread with vanilla ice cream
39. a good read
40. lingering in our pyjamas

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  1. I'm so glad things have gotten better there! It was so needed, and must be such a relief.

    and yes, though we weren't close to family, so it wasn't as much a part of what we focused on growing up, it's pretty neat to see how excited even The wee Bun gets about seeing the grands.