Monday, October 18, 2010

Nestle Boycott

I am a big fan of breastfeeding. I believe that it is, as my cousin the doctor has said, "the optimum nutritional environment for human babies". Just today, I was talking to my doctor about the fact that, while I don't believe that formula will kill my baby, I have the goal of making sure that Baby Bean never drinks a single drop of it. Just reading the ingredient list makes my skin crawl and knowing that the cans are lined with BPA, I just can't go there.

I know that many women have issues with breastfeeding and come to believe that formula feeding is the best option for their family. I respect the fact that I can't ever completely understand someone else's struggle and, having experienced supply issues initially with both of my babies, I know the heartache that goes into a nursing struggle. I have heard the comments from friends about "lactation nazis" and, with Pk, I would say that I was at the mercy of one initially and it was a horrible experience. I am a member of some attachment parenting lists and I know that the pro-breastfeeding lobby can be pretty aggressive and disrespectful of the struggles of women who have trouble. I don't judge mothers for using formula, although in many cases, it makes me sad because either the parents can't really afford it or they end up regretting the shift to formula (as happened to at least two of my friends who ended up with babies with horrible G.I. problems because they couldn't find a formula that was gentle enough).

While I don't judge the mothers, I certainly judge and am disgusted by the practices of the formula companies and one in particular who is known for behaving atrociously, especially in the third world, is Nestle. For more information on Nestle's practices, I strongly suggest that you read the following link and consider joining the Nestle boycott 25 to 31 October, 2010. It is important that Nestle appreciate the fact that women will stand in solidarity and that the health and safety of ALL (not just the children of the developed world) babies is more important that the corporate bottom line.

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  1. You know I am someone who had some major struggles with breastfeeding, and was really committed to getting breastmilk into my babies. Which meant that when I got a sample can in the mail unbidden? I was PISSED. I was so on the edge, it would have been so easy to give in to that and it was so available. Yes, I was determined, but how many moms who had more to deal with or less support, maybe PPD lumped on top would have done it some desperate night and not looked back? so yeah, I am, as you are, totally disgusted by the marketing practices.

    My only problem with the boycott is - you know Misterpie. The man would be on board with not supporting Nestle, he is actually a surprise major breastmilk supporter. But that man also does. not. read. labels. Meaning that I have no idea whose chocolate he has bought and stashed int he pantry for Hallowe'en. I sure HOPE we haven't just supported Nestle, but I have no idea!