Monday, November 15, 2010

Multitude Monday 53 -

holy experience

We have all been sick with a couple of viral infections and I have been spending a lot of time nursing my little ones while feeling pretty awful myself. It's funny - illness has brought us some of the best and some of the worst moments in motherhood. It's a great time to slow down and be there for my children and to keep the world at the door. Today, it's been Baby Bean and I who haven't been feeling great and he and I have spent a good chunk of the day in bed. It's been lovely. He turns 5 months on Wednesday and I realise that the time is quickly passing when I will have a baby in the house. Today, I am reflecting on the joys of a baby.

53. the warmth of a little body sleeping beside mine
54. the depth of blue in my babies' eyes
55. the first few smiles, when it feels like God has bestowed a great gift
56. being able to offer comfort when a little one is not feeling well
57. the full feeling of my arms holding a child
58. the cozy smell of a little one fresh from the bath
59. the love that is emerging between my two children and
60. the glee from both of them when during their messy attempts to play pat-a-cake
61. a little body sitting in my lap for a story
62. the feeling of closeness from wearing my little ones in a sling
63. the rolls of fat on their legs
64. the sense of freedom and joy in a little one kicking around without a diaper
65. the sound of a little snore from the car seat during long drives
66. that, at least for a little while, the rest of the world can see as clearly as I can, that these children are a precious gift
67. robeez shoes
68. Carter's soft two-piece outfits
69. the Arm's Reach co-sleeper, which has allowed me to sleep so closely to my little one without worry
70. the feeling of completeness that motherhood has brought me
71. most of all, the felling of wonder when meeting my baby for the first time

What a wonderful gift motherhood has been, stomach flu, coughs and all.

By the way, I don't seem to be getting blog posts from Ann's blog right now but I have seen other people referring to things Ann has said. Anyone know why I might be missing things?

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  1. I think she changed her blog because i wasn't getting the updates either. But when I clicked on her blog, there were definitely new posts up.