Monday, November 8, 2010

Multitude Monday 41 -

holy experience

There have been so many wonderful things to appreciate over the last couple of weeks:

41. the company of my daughter, making a long drive so much more fun
42. the pride in my children that I could never have imagined
43. a few stolen moments of lounging in bed with my husband
44. the smell of a slow cooked meal when we come in the door
45. the way that the things we need have a habit of dropping into our laps (e.g., like a free piano when we have been wanting one for Pk's music lessons for a long time)
46. the satisfaction of a job well-done and order having been restored (who knew that cleaning out the fridge could be such a fulfilling task)
47. the satisfaction of buying something wondering second-hand
48. the good feeling that comes with donating something to someone who can use it
49. cheese (Baby Bean seems to be less reactive to my eating dairy!)
50. the way that my children have breathed new life into my extended family
51. nursing my son and having him looking up into my eyes and laughing, over and over again
52. a visit with a good friend and a glimpse into her world (and admiration for the amazing mother that she is)

Life is so good!

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