Thursday, March 31, 2011

2 Weeks and 1 Day Left

The last two days have been busy, as usual. First of all, I finished my toys for the kids for Easter. Each of them gets one and it's the same toy - it's a reversible duck/bunny. It isn't perfect but it didn't turn out too badly. I have a few other things I would like to make for their Easter baskets but I don't know whether there will be time.

Before Pk went to the sitter yesterday, we took a couple of minutes to start a craft. We are making a sunshine using food colouring and a coffee filter. Part one was soaking the filter in coloured water. I got the idea from a blog I get a lot of ideas from - Teach Preschool. Unfortunately, ours didn't seem to accept the colour the way the ones on the blog did.
Each morning, we have a routine - I get up early and work out and then shower, I get breakfast started and then I go and wake the kids up. Baby Bean is quick to get up but Pk isn't always thrilled to get out of bed (which doesn't bode well for the earlier mornings when I start back at work). We start in Baby Bean's room and get him dressed and tidy and make the bed. That's repeated in mummy and daddy's room and then in Pk's room. We have a selection of toys there for Baby Bean. It might sound silly but it's a favourite part of my day and one that I will miss. More than anything, I will miss the slower pace.
Of course, the dog always has to be involved in everything.
We are finally seeing some glimpses that spring is coming and yesterday, I decided that it was high time for Baby Bean and I to walk up to pick Pk up from her sitter. It's about a 20 minute walk, all uphill, but that makes it good exercise.
When I got there, there was a post-it note on the sitter's door letting us know that they were at the park. Pk was thrilled and it took a while to get out - she has a big thing for the swings and needs a good bit of swing time before we are allowed to leave the park.
Last night was storytime at the library. Pk finds it so exciting that she is allowed to wear her jammies. (Note to mummy, make sure that her jammies truly fit when being worn out of the house - we are some "oldies but goodies" that really aren't fit for an audience and we were seeing lots of her navel last night). She was thrilled to see her best friend V and her friend O from daycare. It's funny, each family has a child +-3 and one +-12 months so they all have a friend.
I had to get a photo of this one - it's a song about elephants marching that Pk loves. She marched around at home singing part of the song and doing this strange action and I had no idea what it was. She learned it in the storytime group in the morning that she attends that I never go to. I had to corner the librarian and grill her one day because not knowing what on earth was happening in the song was driving me crazy.
Today was fairly quiet. We were supposed to go to the city to see my mom but she is really not doing all that well health-wise and called to say that she wasn't up to a visit. Pk was pretty upset. We ended up having a fairly quiet day at home. While Baby Bean slept, Pk and I did some learning work and then I was bad and let her read/listen to Veggietales stories on the computer while I did knitting. We made cinnamon buns to take tomorrow for our Friday playdate (sniff, it's our last one as M, V's mom, is going back to work next week). We've really, really enjoyed having our Friday date, the moms get to visit and the kids love playing together. These cinnamon buns are what I learned to make in grade 7 home ec and while they aren't anything special, I dare you to eat just one!
We wound up the day with our weekly trip to Costco, which is our Thursday tradition. I am buying more and more stuff there since I find that their dairy prices, fruit and meat are great. I always get teased by the guy at the door that we only buy healthy stuff but he isn't seeing all the crappy free samples that we try. Pk thinks all the free food is a mighty good thing.

I just had to share this last photo. A couple of weeks ago, I propped Baby Bean up on the bathtub edge when Pk was in the tub and now, he wants to cruise there all the time. He has been pulling up on our fingers for a while but yesterday at the doctor's, he pulled himself up on furniture by himself for the first time. He's a good two months younger than Pk was the first time she did it so we are interested to see whether he will walk sooner than she did (at 14 months). He's still showing no signs of crawling, which stresses me out a teeny bit but my doctor wasn't concerned at all and she suspects he is going to bypass crawling altogether. I have a feeling that life is going to get a whole lot more complicated around here - I'm not sure how we will get Pk to keep all the little Playmobil pieces in her room!
See you tomorrow!


  1. We rely on Pumpkinpie's desire to KEEP all her little Playmobil pieces, and tell her if they are not in her room, they are fair game for The Bun. Seems to work!

    btw, are you reading your hotmail?

  2. I will have to go to hotmail, I haven't checked it in a couple of months.