Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

We went to church as a family this evening for the Ash Wednesday service. My mother talks of her childhood when every Sunday night, the family went to church. I have to admit, I would love that. For me, there is something so powerful about being in a church in the evening with the darkness outside and the light and warmth and community in the sanctuary. Tonight was no exception. One thing that I love about our church is the fact that children are always included in the important events. I know that for some, they are uncomfortable with this from a doctrinal perspective but for me, there is nothing that reminds me of the open and wonder-filled spirit with which we should come to God as to see my daughter enthusiastically taking communion, or, as tonight, our family of four all leaving the church marked with the cross of ashes.
What a wonderful way to begin our annual trip to the cross and the empty tomb.

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  1. How wonderful that children are included in special things! :)