Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Part 2

Sorry for the very long delay. It's been a very busy week and I have a new project that's been keeping me busy. More about that in another post.

Monday morning, Pk got up and the Easter Bunny had arrived. She was SO excited. It was funny, she slept in and I had trouble getting her to even stir and then I told her that the Easter Bunny had come and she exploded out of bed.

The baskets were in the living room with the baby gate blocking the room off. Pk was desperate to have it moved. What a wise bunny, realising that dogs and accessible chocolate were not such a great idea.

Imagine, the Easter Bunny knew to bring Pk's favourite bunny marshmallows, a new My Little Pony, a Playmobile egg AND knitted toys.
Baby Bean loved his basket, too. Of course it was the grass in the basket that made him the happiest.

The bunny left us a note saying that we needed to remember to look out in our yard for the eggs. Out we went. Pk was VERY excited for a while and then informed me that her hands were cold and it was my job to find the rest of the eggs.

The rest of Easter Monday was an easy day. We took the car in for its drive clean test and went to the health food store to buy some quinoa puffs that Pk adores. They have what is referred to in our family as "the driving carts" and both children think they are very cool. I love watching Baby Bean trying to keep up with his sister. He was very proud of himself.
I hope that everyone had a happy Easter! Pk certainly did. On Monday night, as we were going to bed, she looked very expectantly at me and said, "Mummy, the Easter Bunny is coming again tonight, right?" She has a very sunny outlook on life :-)

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  1. We had a hunt for our kids on Sunday, and then on the Monday,k we had the birthday party, which also involved another egg hunt - that way the eggs and basket were the loot bags, along with a little booklet of the science experiments we had done.