Sunday, May 1, 2011

My "Endo" Book

As I mentioned before, when I read Laura's post about her "Endo Book" at Nestled Under Rainbows, it really spoke to me. I love scrapbooking and recording memories - I am very nostalgic that way. I knew that I didn't want to get into making another formal scrapbook. That can be fun but it's expensive and time consuming. I wanted to do something simple that had meaning for me. This really isn't for other people, although I am not opposed to other people seeing it.

The first step was to choose my book. I didn't have much time and money is very tight so I decided to go to Homesense and see what was available. I was hoping for a scrapbook with lots of heavy blank pages. I didn't wanted a hinged book, I wanted some kind of bound book. Nothing was right. Everything was 12 by 12, much bigger than I wanted and the pages were the kind inside a plastic cover, again, not what I wanted. I settled on a basic journal, spiral bound and lined pages. Not ideal for photos but it has worked brilliantly.

I started by browsing my thousands of photos (literally) on the computer and brainstorming which ones I might want to include and to group. That has been immense fun (and horrible on the amount of printer ink I have used). At first, I was just going to put photos but then, I started to journal. I started to get hooked and page after page has emerged.

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this. I can sit down feeling stressed or down about life and after a few minutes of reflecting on what makes me happy and how lucky I am, my outlook totally changes. For me, my Endo book has become a cross between a happiness book and a gratitude journal and I adore it. I plan to keep it going and to add things other than just photos - quotes, scripture passages that speak to me, concert ticket stubs, cards that mean a lot... anything that makes me aware of how lucky I am and the things that make my life special. For me, one of the biggest benefits of this book is the fact that I have been much more aware of the things that do make me happy and I seek these things out. As an example, a few days ago, I did photos of picnics (something that really makes me happy) and so this morning, for breakfast, Pk and I made muffins (cooking with her being something else that makes me happy) and we put a plaid blanket out on the deck and ate breakfast as a family outside. Pk thought it was marvelous and I really enjoyed it to. What could have been a boring, routine morning became something special that drew us together.

Here are a few sample pages:
crafting with my kids and cooking with Pk

Eating dinner on our deck and picnics

My children asleep and the letter books I write for each of them

Cuddling in bed as a family and being mom

Sibling Love

Thanks, Laura, for getting me started on this. I can't tell you how much joy I am getting from it!

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