Sunday, May 29, 2011

In Need of Prayer

This isn't for me, this time. I have two very dear friends who are in different stages with pregnancies but need prayer. Friend 1 and her husband have been struggling with infertility and finally had IVF a couple of weeks ago. She knows she is pregnant now but is in that very anxious first stage, wondering about whether she is pregnant and with how many. They only had two successful embryos, both of which were implanted and they aren't in the financial position to do IVF again... please pray for healthy pregnancy and at least one, if not two healthy, full-term babies.
Sadly, another very special person who was expecting lost the baby on Friday night. She was about 8 weeks along. I am so sad for her. They have been trying for about six months and she has several health problems that make getting pregnant more challenging. Please pray for her that she gets the right kind of support from those around her and that, if it is possible, that they conceive again soon. She has great faith that God has great plans and that there is a purpose for everything and is being really strong but I know she needs some cherishing right now.

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