Saturday, July 30, 2011

100 Things I Love

A friend did a post yesterday that I thought was really fun. It's nothing complicated, just a list of 100 things that she likes. As someone who has done a gratitude journal at different times and who is in love with One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, this really shouldn't be very hard. Here's my list:

1. my husband, daughter and son (should that be 1, 2 and 3?)
2. my dog Chelsea's eyes
3. a purring cat
4. our family when we are all in my bed in the morning (that includes animals)
5. being up early and having a quiet house
6. tea, especially when served in china
7. Starbuck's Green Tea Latte
8. planning a knitting project
9. a book that I can't put down
10. trying new recipes
11. reading interesting blog posts about home and family
12. evening church services
13. fall
14. Christmas
15. giving food gifts
16. celebrating anything with my kids
17. down duvets
18. crisp, cool sheets
19. a long, hot shower
20. ice cream
21. vintage jazz
22. Pride by U2
23. Steel Magnolias, the film (it's boring, I know, but for some reason, I love it)
24. A Christmas Carol with Alaistair Simm
25. walks in the forest
26. sunrise
27. celery green
28. Lug bags
29. buying yarn or fabric
30. decorating for any holiday
31. eating food that I have picked
32. berries, especially strawberries
33. cheese, especially sharp cheese like extra old white or blue
34. pad thai
35. a few favourite hymns (e.g., Be Thou My Vision)
36. potluck dinners
37. pink gerbera daisies
38. cooking shows
39. M1-5 (called Spooks in England)
40. Lucy Maude Montgomery books
41. a good mystery (Elizabeth George, Anne Perry, Kathy Reichs)
42. photos
43. browsing old scrapbooks
44. visits with good friends
45. barbecues
46. reading stories with my kids
47. lots of pillows
48. candles
49. chocolate
50. gingerbread
51. spring asparagus
52. flowers from my own garden
53. long walks
54. shopping from a catalogue
55. taking my dogs to the forest
56. swimming in fresh water that is really clean
57. going on low-effort trips (e.g., visiting my in-laws in their lovely town)
58. organic baby stores
59. buying beauty products
60. my ipod
61. chocolate ginger
62. my own bed
63. reading until I fall asleep
64. time at home on a rainy day
65. thunderstorms (inside)
66. snowy days (as long as I don't have to drive)
67. nutmeg
68. oatmeal cookies
69. apples fresh from the tree
70. elegant hats
71. cable-knit sweaters
72. mary janes
73. wearing skirts
74. choosing books at the library
75. getting parcels in the mail
76. Rhapsody on a Theme by Paginini
77. Beethoven Piano Sonatas
78. what we call my "Dr. Zhivago" coat
79. sitting in the shade
80. making lists
81. CBC radio (talk only, I don't like their music)
82. fresh stationary
83. sunny mornings
84. east facing windows
85. getting my hair done
86. a really good pedicure
87. linen
88. snow on cedars
89. japanese maples
90. clothing blowing on a clothesline
91. laughing with friends
92. trains in the distance
93. the sound of crickets
94. rhubarb crisp
95. latin jazz
96. Pk in dresses
97. shopping at second hand stores
98. face powder in a compact
99. the Chrysler Building in N.Y.C.
100. people who smile

So, that's boring old me. I often feel like I am old beyond my years but I do like things calm, sedate and easy... I guess it's because so much of my life is so busy.

Thanks for the idea for the list, Sarah!

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  1. I'm so glad you did one!! I love making lists like this every so often. Reminds me that there are a lot of things to be grateful for. :)