Tuesday, January 17, 2012

L is for Library

L was a very easy letter for our family.  If anything, we quickly discovered that we were going to have to limit our "L" photos a bit for Pk's book for school otherwise we wouldn't be able to fit them all.  It was a fun letter.

Of course, our outing had to be to the library.  I have raved about our library here before but I will say it again, our town has a wonderful library with marvelous staff.  It isn't huge but for a library of its size, it has a surprisingly good collection and we have enjoyed the children's programming since Pk was about 4 months old.  At this stage, we try to get to the Wednesday evening bedtime stories when the littles aren't seeming too tired, mommy goes to the twice-monthly knitting club (and hey, we have now become a guild - not sure what that means other than that I get a card and discounts at several knitting stores!) and Pk goes to the once-a-month "Crafty Kids" on Saturday and the once-a-month "Groove and Play."  We've met many of our closest friends in town (any friend of ours has to be a friend of books LOL) at library activities, too.

 Then, of course, there's Lunatic Lucie.  She is a sweet dog who has been sent to test us.  Pk loves putting her on a leash.  Sadly, she is such a leash-fiend (and before you make suggestions, she had over a year of serious obedience, a pinch collar, a gentle-leader, a halti, a harness and, at times, I use a pointer hitch, none of which works).  She was quite willing to have her photo taken.

Then, we had lights.  Unfortunately, in a rash of organization for the new year, we packed away all of our Christmas decorations in rubbermaid tubs.  It was a nice idea but I couldn't face going through the stack to find the lights so we cheated and pulled out an old photo.

L is for lollipop and this lollipop is one that Pk has been eying for a very long time at the England store.  We have been strong and resisted but, in the name of our alphabet project, we relented and were immediately told that she needed two... Our first reaction was a resounding no until she informed us that her best friend needed one too.  When we dropped it off, I am not so sure her friend's mother was soon keen, LOL.
 Then, of course, L is for laundry.  I have high hopes of trading off some of these jobs someday.  No success yet.  Just getting laundry into the hamper in our bathroom is an accomplishment with the littles.
 Lego was a suggestion of mine which Pk embraced.  We have some and she hasn't seemed all that keen.  I loved it as a child and then, when I saw this ad from 1981, it renewed my interested in having one of my children enjoy Lego.   I must also admit, I have also seen many, many wonderful Lego birthday ideas on Pinterest and I am seriously hoping to have someone who would like a Lego party one of these days.
 Finally, in our family, L is for lamb.  I find it a bit surprising that the kids eat lamb because I loathed it as a child.  Part of that may have been due to the fact that my mother, whom I love dearly, is a terrible cook (something which she will freely admit).  I came well into adulthood convinced that lamb was disgusting and then, my friend A insisted that I had to try their grilled lamb chops.  I. WAS. IN. LOVE.  I now would have grilled lamb with mint sauce (must be sauce, not ever jelly, yuck) over just about any other meat.  Dh cooked a lovely leg of lamb in the oven and then, we had so much left over that I went on a quest to find a recipe for leftovers (not being a fan of cold lamb).  I wasn't sure about this recipe but I should never have doubted.  When will one ever go wrong with onions and butter???  Yum!  Even the kids couldn't get enough.

We have "m"agical plans for M (ha!)  bit I'm struggling a bit on something great for N.  I'd love suggestions (and we'd thought about Niagara Falls but we just don't have the time for the drive).


  1. My girls are loving Legos these days. They got a couple new sets (castles, knights and pirates) for Christmas and Syd's birthday. Syd especially likes playing with them. Did you see her castle cake with Legos (at the private blog?)

  2. I have to be honest, I don't check in with your private blog anywhere near as much as I would like to. For some reason, it won't go into my reader (I think maybe because it's private) so while I try to remember, it doesn't always happen. I think I did see that post, though. I bought a big bin of Lego at a yard sale for a steal last summer but it's been in my classroom for a couple of months because it has come in so handy there. We also have the issue that Iain is at the age where he has to put everything in his mouth so Lego can be a bit risky :-(