Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Celebrations Part 2

These silly photos uploaded out of order but I can't be bothered to move them.  Here are some snippets of our Easter:

1.  Going to McDonalds after the egg hunt with our friends.  It was a good way to get over the fact that the town egg hunt ran out of treats even though we pre-registered so, while our kids had fun on the walk and gathering plastic eggs, we had to break it to them that there were no Easter bunny treats.  I was so proud of Pk - she didn't make any kind of fuss at all.

2.  Visit to Gran and Momis in the City.  Of course, we had to visit the park!

3.  Their favourite coffee shop.  Their neighbourhood has undergone a massive gentrification.  It used to be rather grotty but now, the houses go for extreme prices and the shops are all a bit full of themselves.  This is the local coffee place.  For a while, they called themselves "I-deal Coffee" as their upstairs neighbour was dealing something else and they got tired of being asked.

4.  Uncle J's new t.v.

5.  The view at the wonderful S.A. sunrise service to which we took the kids.  There is nothing I love better than a sunrise service at Easter.

6.  After church, we took flowers, cards and treats to a few special friends in town.  Fun!

7.  When we got home, we had a special breakfast of hot cross buns and bacon.  These ones were really good - not too raisin-y.  I like to make them but I didn't have time this year.

8.  Before we went out again, we did our Easter decorating.  I don't like to decorate before Easter morning. It just seems wrong.

I have laminated cards with the Easter story on them that we read.

Our "Names of Jesus" garland - I got the idea from Monica at "The Homespun Heart".  I don't have a lot of time to do link-ups right now but if you check my Easter posts from last year and the year before, you will find her directions.

Our eggs - some made with the kids this year and some knit last year.

One of our favourite Easter stories.

Our "Resurrection Eggs" - Pk is now independently telling the entire Easter story using the eggs and she asks to play with them all the time.

Various Easter stuff.

I wrote "Jesus Christ is Risen1" on our window in markers.

8.  A good friend invited us for an egg hunt and her farm and for lunch.  It was lovely and the weather couldn't have been better.

Pk got a new shirt that she loved from Grandma and Grandpa.

Some kids like chocolate - mine seems to like rawhide.

LB's new jammies he got from Grandma and Grandpa.  He's a huge Thomas fan at the moment and this is what he does when asked to smile.  Dh says that it's because he's so used to having a flash in his face.

9.  The town egg hunt with friends.  Pk was keen to show us that she isn't afraid of the Easter Bunny anymore (she was terrified two years ago when we took her on the E.B. train ride).

Stay tuned for our egg hunt at home.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter celebration, filled with friends, family and faith!

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