Tuesday, April 24, 2012

R is for Rabbit

Again, R was fun.  We were planning on a trip down to the city anyway, to see my parents, so we thought of a few things that we could do down in the city.

The biggest adventure was "Riding the Rocket" (a slogan that has been around for years advertising the public transit system).  We hit "Queen St." for Q, we "rode the rocket" for R and covered s for subway and t for train.  It was great.  Pk loved it and LB thought it was pretty wonderful, too, given that he loves anything to do with transportation.  My brother teased me repeatedly that I am now truly a hick tourist when I visit the city, given that I am taking photos of everything.

R is also for Rory (spelled Ruaraidh, the Gaelic spellling).  As I am sure you understand, we kept it to "Rory" for Pk's book for school!

R for "rabbity".  Rabbity is a favourite stuffy who has a bad habit of getting lost in the middle of the night and then, we have to launch a search at 3 a.m.  It amazes me that an animal who isn't capable of movement manages to hide so effectively.  We had a prolonged loss of Rabbity about a month ago and we were all despairing.  I was sitting on the computer, after a significant amount of time online looking for a new rabbity and was in the process of entering my VISA number to order the new one when Rabbity reappeared.  I couldn't believe that we found her before my card was charged.

R is for Rudolph.  We have quite a collection of Rudolph kitsch in the house as Pk loves him and wants to be Rudolph for next Halloween (and insists that LB has to be Santa, regardless of his feelings on the matter).

R is for roast beef, cooked by Daddy on the rotisserie on the barbecue.  Yum!

R is for rabbit - in this case, Mr. Lola, who resides at my school.  "He" was originally called Lola until a vet visit revealed that there had been some confusion about his gender.

R is for R and R, good friends of our family.

R is for ride, something Pk adores.  A ride isn't the easiest thing to find in the middle of winter!

Happy R week!

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