Monday, April 23, 2012

Q is for Quiche

  At first, Q seemed like it was going to be really difficult but then, I came up with a wonderful plan.  My b.i.l. works in a town that begins with Q and I came up with the idea of picking him up a tea (a steeped tea with milk and 3 sugars - his choice, not mine) and taking it to him at work.  It was great.  Pk was thrilled to see him and he was thrilled for the surprise visit.
Our next stop was the Q country store.  It's a lovely place with an eclectic selection of items - yummy cheese, dog food, gardening tools and outdoor clothing.  They had a wood stove burning the most wonderful smelling wood.  We bought a bag of chicken feed for our friend A and Pk's chickens up at the farm... It was rather funny since we had no idea how to buy chicken feed.
 Another Q idea (and one that ended up being a flop) was quinoa.  I've wanted to try it and Dh and I enjoyed it but unfortunately, the kids refused to try it.  Frankly, while it tasted good, id didn't look especially edible.
 Q is also for quiche.  I love this recipe - it's easy and yummy.  We usually do it with homemade pastry and turkey sausage.
We couldn't do Q without including a quilt.  I am a great lover of quilts and even did a bit of quilting myself.  I haven't done much - I don't have a sewing machine and the hand quilting takes FOREVER.  I had fun making this quilt for Pk when I was pregnant with her and we both love it.
I'll try to get R up tomorrow evening.

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