Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Bucket List

 I love the fall!  It's always been my favourite season - the smells, the rich colours and the warmth of the sunlight all make my heart sing, especially from the end of September to the end of October.  I'm trying to make all kinds of wonderful fall memories for my children, as well.

In honour of fall, the kids and I sat down to make up our fall bucket list for this year.  Little man is easy - he wants to mini-golf and play cars.  Pk, on the other hand, is starting to appreciate the special aspects of fall that really don't fit any other time of year.  We've already knocked a few of these things off but we have lots to go:

-go to the park
-rake the leaves into a big pile and jump
-try pumpkin butter (I'm going to try this recipe, I think!)
-take a pictures of the kids with lots of pumpkins (although sadly, the pumpkin farm we have always used has been sold for development so we are going to need to find a new location)
-go to the farm to which we have a membership and do some playing
-try oatmeal recipes for cozy breakfasts
-try to have one family "stay home" day
-make pumpkin rocks (some fun I saw on Pinterest)
-make hot chocolate
-go trick or treating and dress up as a family

Happy fall!