Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Randomness

As I get older, I have become so much more attached to traditions and I grew up in a family for whom traditions are very important (as I have explained in other posts).  I don't have lots to say about Easter this year other than that while it was reasonably simple, it all felt so meaningful this year.  So often, it creeps up on me and we end up spending it in a frenzy and I feel like I have missed out.  Not this year.  I am not entirely sure why but I managed to slow down enough to truly enjoy.

I won't do a full summary but some highlights - Palm Sunday at the Wednesday night service I attend at the Anglican church - I hadn't gotten palm branches or the sing my favourite hymns on Sunday and not only did we sing some favourites on Wednesday, the priest knew that we weren't singing my favourite so she used it as the postlude.  That meant a lot!
Thursday night - the wonderful and meaningful service at the Methodist church and several friends were there who haven't joined us before.  They held a "Last Supper" event for the kids downstairs and my children came home as impacted as I was.
Good Friday - a service filled with worship songs that spoke to my heart and then, a fish dinner with very close former Catholic friends and Dh's parents.  It's become a tradition for us and quite a nice one.
Saturday - a Christian Seder with my parents-in-law who truly entered into the spirit.  My kids LOVE doing this and having wine glasses is such an exciting thing for them.  I made my own matzoh and charoset (this year's was awesome!)  Click on the links for recipes.
Sunday - Easter service (I got to sing with the worship team) and then a wonderful traditional family  dinner with my parents.
Monday - the Easter Bunny arrived and we continued the tradition begun by my parents of giving a living gift to remind us of the new life through the resurrection.  My kids LOVED getting a cactus as much as my brother and I did as kids.

Some random photos -

The kids and I made hot cross buns on Friday (and they were devoured so we made more on Monday to go to school in lunches and to teachers as a treat).  I love this recipe.

Our Seder - I used Ann Voskamp's service and it was marvelous.

My grandmother was the jello queen and we enjoy jello treats more than the average family.  My kids LOVE these jello eggs and to help syringe in the jello to the egg molds.

IJ loved playing chess with Uncle Josh and I was so grateful Josh would play - I  hate chess and so does Dh.

Two of my favourite "old girls" -  mom and our old dog, Lucie.

Easter baskets on Monday morning.  Two very happy kidlets!

Christ is risen indeed!