Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

O.k., so it isn't actually until tomorrow but Pk and I decided to make a cake tonight. I always try and do something special with her when I get her from daycare, whether it's an art activity (and I have a few great ideas we have tried lately that I want to post in the next few days), a new game or doing some cooking together. Don't worry, yes, fingers (and face) were involved in the cooking but the cake will only be eaten at home. She is so excited that it is my birthday tomorrow and while we don't have anything special planned (keeping my blood pressure in check and not going into labour until Saturday when mom comes back being my biggest priorities!), she makes it feel like the most special day ever.

One thing that frequently catches me a little off guard - I can't get over how much fun life is with a child. I get a chance to really get excited about little things - today, it was making a cake and then we went as a family to the opening of the town spring fair. It is lame, a tiny midway, junk food and then all weekend, sports events, country fair kind of things but really, on a very small scale. It's never been something we have enjoyed in the past - there really isn't much to do, especially for people like us who don't drink so we have no interest in the beer tent, the concert on Saturday night or Crazy Eddie's Ceasars. Tonight, we went up to the "buck a ride" at the midway. I can't remember the last time I smiled so much and, I guess it's hormones, I found myself in joyful tears a few times. When we drove by the fair this morning, Pk insisted that she wanted to go and "have an adventure with my friends" and that she did. She rode the merry-go-round at least 5 times, flew a rocket at least 4 times and played a fishing game and won herself a stuffed animal. She got to have a hot dog and an ice cream cone and the world could not have been more exciting for her. I have private blog and I will post my pics there (if you want to be added to that blog, just let me know, I avoid too many public family pics) and I now have the most wonderful memories of just how much fun something simple can be.


  1. It IS a special day!

    And sometimes they are such a gift for reminding you about those simple joys. Pumpkinpie is thrilled to get three timbits, or a cookie shaped like a dog from the coffee shop, or to go out for ice cream, to go play in the park. I love that they are not at an age where those are boring yet.

    I'm glad your birthday is off to a good start! What a nice thing to have right before you plunge into baby days, something special to do with Pk and some great memories to hold onto.

  2. Happy Birthday friend! I'm so glad we connected through Bible study.

  3. I'm so glad that we connected, too, Jill!

  4. Happy, happy birthday!!! Pk is SO cute in this picture, I love the chocolate all over her, my kind of girl! :)