Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Joys

I have to start by warning you that I think I am officially nesting - today, I did a huge shop, made a quiche, prepared all kinds of vegetables, watched two World Cup games, made strawberry shortcake and went to buy fresh strawberries and peas and have about four blog posts that I was going to post (but I have finally run out of steam). Maybe we are getting close (but it would be nice to wait until the U.S./ England game is over tomorrow!)

The thing that made me think that I had truly lost my mind is that when I drove to our local farm whose strawberry sales began today, I actually considered doing "Pick-Your-Own" - never mind the fact that had I gotten down on the ground, I am not sure anything short of major farm machinery would have gotten me up again. I always pick strawberries and make jam and it's killing me that I won't be this year. On the other hand, Pk got to eat jewel-toned strawberries that were warm and fragrant, having just come out of the field, with the juice running down her arms. We came home, made strawberry shortcake and she helped me to shell the peas, eating about a third of them. I don't think that I ever saw peas in a pod when I was growing up and I love the fact that Pk is getting the chance to meet the farmers who grow her food and see food in its natural state. I know, I know, I am impressed by silly little things.

Since we are on the subject of strawberries, here are two of my favourite recipes:

Healthy strawberry shortcake from Laura at Heavenly Homemakers - this really impressed me, the cake is made with whole wheat flour and the only sweetener is honey and it was really, really good!

Strawberry and Spinach salad from Mothering - I have tried the dressing with Stevia with mixed results - it does call for a lot of sugar but it really is a yummy use for strawberries!

Here's hoping that baby holds off and I can get a few more posts done before the big day - I have a couple of great Father's Day crafts I have found online that I want to share and we just finished having our roof done and I would love to show you the lovely results!


  1. You make me laugh...I never wished my babies would hold off so I could get more done! But my last month was miserable both pregnancies so I was ready to get those babies out!!

  2. Yup, nesting all right. In the week before The Bun was born, I finished stripping and sanding a massive brick wall, carried a set of French doors up the the 3rd floor and hung them with Misterpie, moved the boxes for the room into place on the bookshelves I'd just put up, mopped the new floors so furniture could be moved (I did NOT do that, though!), did every piece of laundry in the house, and finally... sat for two hours to watch mindless tv right before Sportypie picked me up to go to the hospital with me. Crazy days right before birth!

    It struck me, too, that you must be nearly at year of blogging, because I remember your post about strawberries from last summer. It is so amazing, the summer fruit. I love it.