Friday, February 4, 2011

February Love Challenge Week 1

This week, over at Muthering Heights, Jessica shared her February Love Challenge in which we were challenged to follow some ideas for showing love to our children. I LOVED this idea (and, I might add, I love this blog - Jessica truly captures the beauty of motherhood and on days when it isn't feeling so beautiful, Jessica has a gift for including a quote that reminds me of what this is all about and making me WANT to live up to the challenge of loving my children).

For week one, the idea was to come up with a special treat and then to share about how we were surprised/blessed by our child. It didn't take me long to come up with a good surprise for Pk - she is a huge fan of hot chocolate (in our house, it's cocoa, that's what I grew up with and it seems a little bit healthier to me) and I knew that marshmallows would rock her world. We limit her milk intake to breakfast and bedtime since she would live on milk and nothing else if we allowed that. I asked her whether she wanted her milk and she answered that she did and then wandered off. It was perfect. I got her cocoa made and called her to come and get her "milk." Her reaction was priceless. "Hot chocolate for me, mummy? For good morning time? With marshmallows? Thank you" - all said breathlessly. She was less interested in hearing about how much we loved meeting and holding her but during the week, she has mentioned that we were so happy to meet her...

This was a lovely challenge. Pk is only three so next week's challenge of a treasure hunt is a bit tricky since she can't read clues but I think I have come up with something and I can't wait to share the results.


  1. Awwww, it sounds like she was thrilled!! Her cocoa smile is so precious. :) :) I'm excited to read about your adventures in week two!

    {And thank you for the kind woulds about my blog...I'm so glad it blessed you!}

  2. Very sweet! So cute that she said "thank you," when she found out what the treat was, my son does that. :)

  3. Oh my goodness our kids love hot cocoa with marshmallows, too! Your little girl looks simply delighted with her treat!

  4. Precious! Have fun making your surprises this week! My husband is going out now to get some little trinkets!