Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Little Corner

As you know, I am trying to focus on the wonderful things that make me happy. Today, when I was nursing Baby Bean, I got looking around my room and noticed my little corner. This room, and this corner in particular, make me very happy. The parts come together in just the right way to make it cozy, light, open and peaceful. When we bought the house, I didn't love the house but our bedroom is lovely. There's a large window, double doors out to a deck and it's roomy. Quite a long time ago, Kittenpie painted her hallway a celery green and I LOVED it. We decided to try painting our room celery green (the colour is called "Neon Celery" and when we bought it, the saleswoman kept saying, "You do realise that this is a very bright colour?") With the white trim and the sunlight in the room (the windows face south with the shade of trees and west), the colour is so open and airy. The desk is my grandfather's old desk. He was a small town minister and the desk was a gift from a very grateful congregation. It's beat up and needs refinishing but it has such sentimental appeal to me - it always had a place of pride in my grandmother's living room after my grandfather died. It's my place for planning, journaling and reading when I can't risk falling asleep (which I often do when I read in bed these days). I can dream and plan and organize and bask in the sunshine through the windows. Up on the wall are my pictures of the Chrysler Building in Mahattan, which I fell head over heels in love with when we visited N.Y.C. The nicest part about the room and my spot is that in the spring, when the lilacs are in bloom, if we leave the doors and windows open, there is an overwhelming smell of lilacs. It's heavenly.

It's also a lovely place for a nap, which feels like such a luxury. Pk, Baby Bean and I have taken to having naps together in the afternoon. I know that these are times I will cherish forever and something that I will dream about when I return to work.


  1. very's so nice to have a special place in our homes. I have a lovely couch in our bedroom and I love curling up on it with my Bible or a book.

  2. Ooh, a couch in the bedroom sounds very cozy!!!

  3. What a lovely corner! It's funny - I have gotten the same warnings about colours I've chosen more than once. I hate how afraid people are of colour when it can make a room wonderful! And lilacs... nothing better.