Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting Out...

I'm not sure what the weather has been like in your neck of the woods but we have been enjoying an unnervingly warm spell of weather.  Normally, we worry about going north to visit family because we run the risk of being trapped by bad roads.  Not this year - we were out without coats much of our time.

Personally, I don't detest winter as much as some but by about mid-January, I'm ready for more light and for less outerwear.  This year has been no exception.  These first really warm days fill me with a sense of hope and enthusiasm for all the things that I have been having trouble mustering my energy for.  Having this happen during the March Break is especially wonderful - I can be out during the day, going on long walks and hanging my laundry on the line!

One benefit of being a two-sporting-dog family is that we have a lot of motivation to be outside.  Pk is now old enough that she's happy to wander with us, finding pine cones, collection leaves and throwing things into the water.  LB is still a huge fan of time in the Ergo on my back, although we do break out the jogging stroller now and again, too.  We had two lovely walks this week I wanted to share.

The first was to a conservation area up north that features a lovely waterfall.  It's always steady but I have never before seen it raging like it was where we were there.  The view down from the bridge was quite amazing!

I'm always surprised at how much green is hiding under the snow and how quickly the forest greens up again.  There was moss everywhere and ferns starting to appear and all that green made me very happy!
 The dogs were thrilled to get a good run and to enjoy all of the smells that melted snow reveals.  Can you see both of them?
 The waterfall itself was so impressive!  The trail down the side was closed (boo) but from the lookout, we still had an impressive view.
 Earlier today, we enjoyed a trek that was a little more local.  The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect for a walk.
 Lucie, our younger dog, even decided that some water-stick-retrieving was called for.  She had a blast (and we were thrilled as she had gone into a disgusting boggy type place and needed a good cleaning!)
 LB and Pk found considerable pleasure in throwing pinecones into the pond.

 I was born in the city and it still amazes me when, on our walks in the forest, we encounter horses.  Children and dogs find this fascinating.
I hope you are getting to enjoy the outdoors right now in whatever way you enjoy most!

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  1. We had a break from rain today and the girls got nice and muddy in the backyard! I even mowed the grass. Then we enjoyed a nice walk around our neighborhood. Tomorrow the rain is supposed to return. : (