Friday, March 16, 2012

P is for Post Office

Needless to say, given Pk's name, P was a BIG deal for us.  We had a lot of fun with this one (which I have noticed that I say about many of the letters.

There was p for parade (a perennial favourite around here).
P was for potluck (which included our minister's mac and cheese with is the most sinful thing you will ever enjoy in church).  We are huge fans of potlucks in this house - so many dishes that I could never be bothered to make and about which I just don't think about the health impacts of.  LB is a particular fan of deviled eggs as made by one of our church ladies and he is already following in his father's fine tradition of having food specially set aside for him at potlucks by indulgent ladies.
P is for post office - we had to mail all of our Valentine's (we did crafts and gifts for family and a few special friends).  Pk thought it was really exciting putting her envelopes in the mail.
This one was suggested by students in my class and we decided that we would give them the thrill of seeing their teacher being naughty - "Pooh on the potty"
Of course, there's p for park...
and p for a huge population of ponies (yes, I know, I was the girl against all the licensed stuff but at least these aren't scantily dressed anorexics).
My personal favourite idea (which got a bit of a lukewarm reception as Pk wouldn't accept that a picnic could be held indoors - I know, I'm not tough enough but I wasn't going to do a picnic outdoors in February) - the pizza picnic.  As you can probably see from LB's stuffed face, he liked the pizza just fine.

And there we have letter P.  Q should have been hard but I was especially proud of myself.  Wait and see!

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