Saturday, March 3, 2012

N is for Nurse

This is a tricky post because the best photos are the ones I can't post.  Privacy and lack of consent can be very tricky things and, working in the public school system, I am VERY aware of how careful we can be.

Anyway, you won't be seeing our nurse, which is too bad.  There's a funny story behind that one.  I had been talking to a friend at work who has really gotten into this.  I was saying that I hadn't come up with anything great and she suggested n for nurse.  My reply was that I wanted nothing to do with nurses, that since we have had children, we have had too much contact with hospitals, something that hadn't been a part of our lives up until that point.  I told her that she was going to jinx me.

Jinx me, she did.  LB got a terrible cold and his breathing started to sound raspy and he just didn't seem right.  I had been off work with him and so Dh took a day and, with my encouragement, he decided to take him to the little local hospital (the big hospital in the next town always has a wait for hours and we haven't been thrilled with the care).  Dh called me at work to say that they felt that LB probably had pneumonia and he had been given inhalers and antibiotics.  He didn't seem to get any better and then, the next evening, at about 9:30, he started to cough and cough.  We couldn't get him to stop wheezing and even after 20 minutes in the bathroom with the shower running, he was still wheezing.  We ended up trekking back to the hospital and they were concerned that he wasn't getting enough oxygen.  Chest X-rays and a steam inhaler (that was miserable keeping on his face) finally got things calmed down and we had to increase all his meds.  At around midnight, I got brave and asked to photograph the kind nurse  and for a copy of the X-ray (I was trying to figure out how I could get one for X week!)  The photo is great and we went it into the school.  I think they thought I was nuts!

We also went to the local health food store, which has Nature in the name and to buy noodles.  I would swear that I had checked my camera battery but when we got there, the batter was dead.  Noodles had to be taken at the local grocery store.

N is for necklace.  Don't you love the look of concentration???

N is for "numbers in the neighbourhood" - we took the camera out for a walk and got shots of all kinds of numbers.  I was a bit worried that the police would question us for doing something odd.  A few of Pippa's friends got a kick out of seeing their own house numbers in her alphabet book at school :-)

And finally, we introduced the littles to nachos.  They were a bit hit!

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