Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Update

I knew it had been a while since I had been around here but looking at my last post, I notice that it was over a month ago.  No wonder I have so few readers!  I don't have much of interest to say AND I disappear for weeks on end...  Oh, well, that's my stage of life.  Thank you to the few of you who do put up with me.  I'm going to try to be better (words that I have sadly said before).

I'm thinking of trying a new format for a weekly post.  I get too wordy and I am wondering whether this will help me to keep it short and sweet.   I've seen things like this on other blogs and it works for me.

On my agenda:
small group tonight, which I had to miss because LB is really grouchy (we are doing the Rick Warrn 40 Days in the Word, which I am really enjoying), lunch with two friends and their little ones tomorrow, teach Sunday school at church on Sunday, work until Thursday and then the start of March Break!

On my book pile:
This book appeals to me right now - I am feeling very much as if I am running non-stop and reflection and prayer can't seem to happen since I can't calm my mind.

I've enjoyed Dr. Leman's other books and he is very down-to-earth.  I find he can be a bit too male for me in his orientation, especially around parenting but his writing helps me to keep a sense of balance.

This is our small group study.  I'm enjoying it, although I wish I felt like I had more time to ponder and pray.

 I ADORE Peter Robinson and his Alan Banks mysteries.  He may well be my favourite mystery writer.  This is a stand-alone novel and I wasn't sure I would like it as much but once I got started, I just couldn't stop.

After a book like the Peter Robinson, everything will pale in comparison.  It's the perfect time to read something light and fluffy and not to expect too much so that I am not disappointed.  This has fit the bill perfectly.

On my to-do list:
Way, way too much.  I realise that I need to scale back somewhere but I don't know where.
-marking, marking, marking - I like the new split grade I am teaching this year but I have become over-involved in committee and extra-curricular work and I am not keeping on top of things
-writing for Sunday School - I've been helping to modify the curriculum we use for the older kids to match a group for the younger ones and it's a heavy curriculum and while it isn't all that time consuming once I get going on it, the files take a long time to download
-cooking - there is a family at the school whose 2-and-a-half-year-old has a malignant brain tumour - I've been organizing support from the staff at the school and making a meal and some baking for them each week, one of the teachers broke her left wrist and she is left handed and is totally stranded so I'm trying to do some cooking for her, I do the treats for small group every other week and I do a treat for Dh's weekly Tuesday meeting
-knitting group - I'm trying to keep on top of some fun knitting for me and I would like to work on some knitting for street people through our group... I'm not sure that will happen
-exercise - I'm back on the ski machine for 40 minutes 6 mornings a week - my right knee isn't liking the running I was doing

On my mind:
-our union is starting contract negotiations with the province and it does not looking promising - I'm trying to keep with my "today" focus for the year and I know that much of this is rhetoric but it's hard not to worry given that Dh and I could both be on strike
-LB is finally starting to do a lot more talking but I'd still like to see more
-a good friend is struggling with a husband who is dealing with some significant personal problems and I'm feeling guilty because I am so angry at him and frustrated with her that she won't do more to advocate for herself that I am avoiding her a bit
-I watched a very interesting documentary last week on the early sexualization of our children that has scared the pants off me

I hope you are all doing well!  I'll try to drop by here more often


  1. I'm wondering if I am missing the second half of your post? All I can see is the On My Agenda part? I've missed your posts, but I'm still you faithful reader :)

  2. That's so weird... it's all showing up here. Let me play around a bit.

  3. And, I really appreciate your stopping by!!! I always like reading your blog!