Saturday, August 4, 2012


I'm sorry.  I guess this project has been a bit of a flop.  It seemed like such a great idea but there just doesn't see to be the time these days.  When I want to read blogs, knit, clean my house (!) and even throw a bit of scrapbooking in, it all seems so great to start but there just isn't enough time for anything.  If you are still around here, you are obviously very forgiving so I am just going to assume that is going to continue.  Thanks for understanding!

I'm going to start from where I am now and then try to catch up with some older posts.  You won't care they aren't in order, right?

Yesterday was Friday and we didn't have anything special planned.  We did some grocery shopping, went to the big box store and, as a bit of fun, we went to Mastermind (the best toy store ever) and then to get a smoothie at Booster Juice.  A good friend introduced me to those lately - the Orangsicle ones are the best ever!

After dinner, we took the dogs for a run.  What a lovely evening!  It's still hot during the day but the light is changing now at dusk and it isn't so hot in the evening.  The crickets were LOUD and a reminder that there isn't all that much of summer left.  I'm wondering whether the crickets are early this year.  I had been told that once the crickets start, it's 6 weeks until summer ends.  I keep hearing them and thinking that it's amazing to think that I still have another month of holidays and usually, they herald becoming sad that summer is over.  

The sun is setting earlier and there is nothing prettier than being outside for a sunset.  I hope you are getting to enjoy some lovely ones these days!

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