Sunday, August 12, 2012


After the constant, frantic pace of the last few days, it was such a lovely treat to have a day to do as little as possible.  

We started with a leisurely morning.  The animals certainly got into the spirit of things.  There was rain in the forecast and when I saw the sun shining through, I immediately thought of our yard that definitely needed work.  Dh desperately wanted to watch the "Community Shield" (a major Premier League Football game) so the kids played outside with bikes and sleds and I weeded and weeded and weeded.  It was hard work but I had such a sense of satisfaction when I was done!

 The only other thing we did today was to take the dogs for a run.  It is still humid during the day but there are definitely sure signs that fall isn't too far away.  The intensity of the sun is waning, the crickets are deafening in the field and I even saw a few autumn colours peeking out of the trees.  Some people may be disappointed but while I enjoy summer while it's here, I am very happy to see signs of fall, which is definitely my favourite season.

 We were a bit concerned that we would be rained on when we were out but fortunately, the rain held off until we got home and gave us the perfect setting for cozy afternoon naps.

 I love my new rainboots.  I have wanted new plaid boots for ages.  These colours weren't my favourite when I first saw them but the lining is a lovely yellow flannel that brings me sunshine on a rainy day.  I most definitely have a "thing" for wellies!

Hope you had a lovely, quiet Sunday!

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