Sunday, August 5, 2012


Today, we didn't have any big plans.  What a lovely change!  We have had so many things to do lately, 95% of them enjoyable but still, I've been craving a few days at home with nothing to do but tidy and putter.  While it wasn't one of those kinds of days, it wasn't too busy, either.  Lovely!

First was church and then, we took the kidlets out for lunch at Mc's with Pk's best friend, her mom and sister.  Some people go the "Christian chicken" route (which, up here, means Swiss Chalet) but given that having to sit for very long in a restaurant with LB is my idea of hell, it will be a while before we meet with all the churchies there.  Mc's worked well for us, thank you and the kidlets loved it.

It was a wonderful Sunday - rain keeping the house quiet this afternoon, a lovely read and a nap and then, a roast chicken dinner.  Dh and I decided that the day was worthy of a treat so we piled into the car and drove to the ice cream shop (which is about 25 minutes drive away - the drawbacks of living in a very small town).  The ice cream was worth the travel and it was a wonderful way to end a summer day.  The kidlets were celebrities with their ice cream holders - I wish I had been the person to invent them... some mass marketing and they could make someone very, very rich.

 Is there anything prettier than an August sunset and the time to enjoy it?

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