Saturday, August 4, 2012


Last Sunday, my oldest, bestest friend and her wonderful husband and kidlets came up for a visit.  Pk was beside herself - our friends have a daughter who is older than Pk to the point that she seems very impressive and special but not so old that they can't have fun together.  They came after lunch when we got home from church.  We visited, we went to the splashpad, we ate Dh's amazing fresh bread and farm fresh corn and, finally, D made the most amazing banana sauce on the barbecue to go with ice cream.  As you can see, there was also a great deal of fun with balloons!

After they left, I got LB down and when I went to start the bedtime routine with Pk, she was already asleep.  That level of fun would wear anyone out.  (I was afraid we would hear a balloon popping in the night but it was so sweet, I left them).

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