Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Furkids

Our "Sadie Cat", as Pk likes to call her.  She is a very sweet cat.  You can see why we wanted something orange and white.

Lucie, our playing fiend.
There is an evil glint in Lucie's eye that has been there since she arrived.
She was an adorable but very spunky puppy.

Chelsea is truly my "heart dog".  She feels like a piece of me.


  1. I see you have mastered the art of posting photos, I LOVE the pictures. Your furkids are beautiful!!! I love the orange & white theme! :)

  2. Love the pics of everyone! You guys have a beautiful family-both furry and not!

  3. Ginger was a bit like that - my orange cat, and a cat that was really mine. She was a one person cat, that one, and Pumpkinpie's favourite, too. Of course, my old Tom will always make me melt for a stripey cat.