Saturday, April 4, 2009

Minivan Mom

It's official.  I am now a minivan mom.  I resisted this for a long time, swore up and down I would never do it and now I have.  The scary part is, I LOVE IT!  As I told you, Bertha was on her last legs and we needed something else.  I was sick of banging Pk's head every time I had to put her in the car.  I was especially sick of having muddy dogs walking all over us when we came back from the forest.  I wasn't too impressed by the cost of renting a vehicle to transport the dogs when we went somewhere further from home, either.  After lots of talking about it, we finally decided to test drive a few vans two weeks ago.  It didn't take long to convince us that this three year old Dodge Grand Caravan was the vehicle for us.  It only had 40 000 km on it and it's has the stow-and-go seating on the second and third rows.  It takes a bit more gas and I have some guilt about that but I am sad to say, not anywhere near as much guilt as  I should have!  Even the dogs like it.  And best of all, I don't mind the colour (as you can see, I make my decisions logically and without emotion - I HATE white and silver vehicles and couldn't face another one).  I wanted red but the blue is nice, too.


  1. So funny...I felt the same way before we got ours. But I LOVE it! My hubby loves it too!!

    Congrats on joining the ranks of "minivan" moms! I call it my "Mom-mobile"

  2. Thanks, Jill. It really has spoiled me! What colour is yours?