Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Evening in the Life

We've hit that stage in life when lessons are a love/hate thing for me. I love seeing my kids get a chance to get out and learn and, I hope, develop passions that will be part of their lives forever. On the other hand, life is just so busy and especially as the evenings get hotter, I'd love to be able to throw meat on the grill and have leisurely evenings together. It will ease up - music class (Tuesday night) has only one more week, swimming ends next week (Wednesday night) but highland dance (Monday night) and library bedtime stories (alternating Wednesdays) will continue.

Last night was an especially crazy night. I got VERY sick on Tuesday morning. It was strange, I felt a bit cold-y on Monday night and then I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like I was dying. I have NEVER felt as achy or tired and my throat was killing me. Strep and I have a long history of badness (a double case that turned into 3-and-a-half months of extreme rash and endless medical tests being one example) and I was terrified I was going down that road again. I ran in to the doctor and was promptly given antibiotics and by yesterday noon hour, I was slowly starting to feel human again and by late yesterday afternoon, I was ready for the swimming/library tour. I didn't feel well enough to swim so I got the chance to take photos while dh swam with Baby Bean. Enjoy.

A girl in Baby Bean's class threw up in the pool and all the kids from both the beach pool and the therapy pool (where the "Salamander" and "Starfish" classes take place) had to move into the very cool lane pool). It was her second week throwing up - the teachers and some of the students were pretty ticked off. Pk didn't seem to mind, though - she loves the independence of swimming in a life jacket.

As always, the bedtime stories at the library was lots of fun with singing, games and stories (we arrived a bit late for the craft). The families who go are becoming quite a little community, which makes me very happy. I just wish I didn't look quite so hit-by-a-train-recently in these pics.


  1. I've been having this same conversation - how I've created this life for our family that I was trying so hard to avoid. But there is this tricky balance between exposing your kids to things they need to learn and living a "not-rushed" family life.

    We have 2 more weeks of swimming (we've been taking lessons twice a week for 18 weeks now!!!!) - two more weeks of ballet for Kayleigh and then we are commitment free for the summer!

    We will continue with a relaxed homeschool schedule and violin practice all summer, but those are things we do right here in the home. Our homeschool co-op is done until September and that has been a huge relief (I was teaching 2 classes).

  2. Jill, so nice to hear from you - I have been so busy that I haven't had much time for my bloggy friends and I have missed you!
    You are right, it is such a struggle. I suspect that for people like you and I who found a love of the arts, we probably struggle more than most - I always worry that I won't give my kids a chance to find their passions. This year, it's been dance on Monday, MYC on Tuesday (I LOVE that programme), and swimming and library on Wednesday. I know that we will probably have to scale back next year when Pk is in school. She just won't be up to the pace. I don't know what will go though. I am pleased with us (actually, with her). We were going to do soccer this summer and Pk refused and now we are thinking it was a great thing. Our only summer things will be a two week intensive set of swim lessons and a weekly kindermusik class for Baby Bean.
    Do you have any special plans for the summer? Whatever you do, I hope it's a wonderful summer for your entire family!