Thursday, April 7, 2016

Yarn Along

I don't get my blog written anywhere near as often as I would like but at least I have been able to keep up with my Yarn Along posts of late.  I love the Yarn Along, hosted by Ginny over at Small Things.  I love to read and I love to knit and I love to get new ideas!

I haven't had much time but I have been able to get a tiny bit done.  I finished the other books I was reading (if you haven't read Sarah Bessey's Out of Sorts, it's definitely worth it) and so I picked up again on a couple of books that I have been meaning to get to.  Simply Tuesday, by Emily Freeman, is a book from a theme of my reading that comes up every so often - trying to get out from under the frenzied pace of my life.  I haven't gotten very far but I am finding that I am enjoying this book so far.  In terms of fiction, I had a bit of trouble getting into Go Set a Watchman, which I have been meaning to read forever but that has definitely changed, as proven by the bags under my eyes at work today.  I can't put it down.  There is just something about Harper Lee's writing that speaks to me and I love her characters.

In terms of knitting, I'm working on several things, as well.  I finished the other pair of legwarmers and they ended up being too small, as I suspected (it helps to read the carefully enough to know the sizing BEFORE you have knit half of the project).  Now, I have started the larger size of these Gap-inspired Leg Warmers and I'm really enjoying knitting these.  The pattern is easy, the cables look lovely and it's simple enough that I don't have to look at the pattern now.  I also have a baby blanket project that I'd like to get going (although I know it's probably a lofty goal) that I have started.  I'll share more later but there have been several babies born at church lately and I'd love to give each a blanket.

I can't wait to see what everyone else is working on!

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  1. Those cables looks so pretty! I love knitting baby blankets, such a good chance to break out the fun yarn! :)