Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Yarn Along

I am so excited!  I got a new laptop for work and this is the first post that I have tried on it.  I am a hard core Mac person and I got a Dell and I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to do anything with it.  I am so thrilled that I have figured it out.  There are still many glitches to work out but it's so exciting to think that this is do-able without my having to spend hours and hours trying to figure it out.  Hooray!

I love the Yarn Along link-up hosted by Ginny at Small Things.  Her blog is beautiful generally and when books and knitting are combined, how can you go wrong?  I love seeing what everyone else is working on!

I've been busily knitting and reading but still, I feel like I have accomplished little.  In terms of knitting, LB lost all of his hats and I tried to buy a few and couldn't find any.  I love making them for him but I had such a long list of to-do projects that  I was hoping to save the time.   No such luck.  I'd been working hard on the "Pink Pussy Hats" for friends and since it's such a simple pattern and requires so little finishing, I decided to just change the colour and follow a pattern that I had down pat.  LB now has a rush coloured hat (yarn from my stash that thankfully, he decided was "fox" coloured) and a green one.  That led to Pk wanting a red one (her current favourite colour) so I felt like I had to do that, too.  I hope to get that one finished when I am done here this evening.  I'm also still working on the baby blanket for our friends.  I think three or four more repeats of the pattern and the final edge should finish it up for me.  Thank goodness because this baby is due pretty soon!

In terms of reading, I've been all over the place of late.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the podcast What Should I Read Next? and I broke down and printed off the Modern Mrs. Darcy book journal.  I couldn't resist looking at the book list and Kate Morton appears on the list.  I read The House at Riverden and enjoyed it so I thought it would be worth reading another so I am reading The Secret Keeper.  I haven't made it far into this one yet but it seems good.  I think it was last week, the guest mentioned The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning as one of her top three.  I have had this book waiting to be read for a while and that gave me the motivation to actually open it.  So far, so good.  I am about 6 chapters in and it's good.  I think that because I grew up in a fairly progressive faith background, I don't find it as earth shattering as some (the message of God being loving and good and gifting grace regardless of our sin isn't a new message for me) but there are still some chapters that really speak to me.  His chapter on the loss of wonder makes me want to look at my world again with new eyes.  We are so lucky and there is so much beauty that gets missed each day.  Finally, as part of the MMD reading challenge, I need to read a Pulitzer winning book.  I browsed the list and this book seemed good, The Pope and Mussolini.  I am almost finished the Neopolitan Quartet by Elena Ferrante which has me with Italy on the brain.  This book seems like such a logical connection and it's been really fascinating so far!

 I can't wait to see what everyone else has on the go!

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  1. congrats on a new computer! I am in need of one but I keep putting it off. Don't worry though, I have everything backed up and safe. LOvely knitting!