Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Daily Post 2

Today ended up being a wonderful day for me. After the kids' being sick for the last few days and being up all night with them and then going to work (dh stayed home), I decided to take today as a sick day myself. I don't do it often but once in a while, I just need that break. I didn't do anything special. The original plan was to sleep for a few hours but once I dropped Pk at school (do I ever wish I could do that every day), I came home and was dying to get to know my house again. Am I the only one who does that? I get so busy that I don't notice things. There are entire spaces that I forget the existence of. I cleaned out the cupboard at the bottom of the sideboard, sorted the kids' games, gave the hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms a good mopping with Murphy's Oil Soap and dusted. The house smelled lovely and I got to explore some spaces that felt like new finds.

The other benefit to this is the fact that Pk's school is an early start school and I was able to pick her up at school and have over an hour with her on my own before I had to go pick up LB. The photo below comes from that.

When she was three and a bit, we bought Valentine Cards for her friends and she decided that she needed to write her own name on them. She went from basically not writing her name to writing it independently in the span of about two days. Christmas cards is proving to be a similar exercise. She is able to write letters independently but they tend to be random and other than her and LB's names, she doesn't generally write strings of letters. All of a sudden, she is writing words (e.g., to and from) and the names of her friends on her cards. The teacher in me is beyond excited by that. So cool!

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