Sunday, July 15, 2012


Sundays are tricky because so much of what we do isn't really suitable for pictures.  I don't see myself walking into church and starting to take photos.  Suffice to say that the day began with church.

At church, there was an appeal today for school supplies.  We give food to a local food pantry and I gather that last year, the food pantry group began to give out backpacks and school supplies to kids just before school begins to get their school year off on the right foot.  We were asked, as a congregation, to think about getting some things for donation and that the things are due by August 1st.  That really appealed to me.  First of all, I am feeling these days like we have been so richly blessed, the least that I can do is to try and give back to others.  I also really want my kids to grow up with an awareness of need and a desire to give back.  When we lived in the big city, poverty was all around us and it was immediately visible.  Here in our tiny town, it's here, all right, but it's less visible.  We don't have drug addicts and mental health patients out on the street and there isn't the same bleak public housing.  I really want to teach my kids that it's there and we need to look for ways to help.  We had fun buying the backpacks (it was a good deal - a backpack, a lunch bag and a pencil case) and filling them with supplies.  Pk can't wait to take them to church next week.

The other big focus of our day was friends over for dinner.  As I told you last week, I'm feeling like I want hospitality to be one of my "ministries" and a focus for life these days.  We have so many people we care about and life gets busy and we don't spend the time with them that we would like.  This week, we had a family we know from town over for dinner and it was lovely.  Dh baked bread and grilled pork and we had veggies and local corn.  Again, I was aware of how much I love my table and the good times that we have there.  It truly is one of the hearts of our home.
Naturally, the kids had lots of fun.  The girls played dress up and something involving umbrellas (!) and LB got into it too.  He decided to wear his soccer shirt with high heels.  It was rather amusing!

We bought bubbles for all of the kids and they were a huge hit.  It was a nice way to end the evening.

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