Saturday, July 7, 2012


Today wasn't a very exciting day.  We had quite a few errands to run and so that's what we did - Michael's, Petsmart (they don't sell anything we buy really but the kids love looking at the animals), Costco for wipes (seriously, they have the best and best priced wipes!) and groceries.  It was harrowing taking LB around all those places - he is very determined to be independent right now and won't sit in the cart and doesn't want to stay close.  It takes two of us - one to shop and one to chase.

I am absolutely not above bribery so we threw in a visit to McDonalds to appease the savage beast.
 It helped a bit but he was still a stinker at the cash at the grocery store.
The rest of my day was not really appropriate for photos.  It was the visitation for the woman from church who died and I began my portion of the cooking.  I signed up to do three loaves of sandwiches and two sets of squares for the reception afterwards and a large casserole for the meal for the extended family before they all went back home.  I got a big lasagna done (my staple when casseroles are requested) and the egg salad done.  I also spent considerable time planning what to make in terms of sandwiches but that's tomorrow's post.

The visitation itself was interesting.  The family is lovely - kind, gracious and, despite the huge loss from which they are reeling, kind and gracious to everyone.  My friend who went with me and I waiting in line for about 45 minutes to see the family and I'll be honest, I worried about what to say.  It's hard to know - I want to convey that I feel for them and that I hope that they are able to get some solace from both their faith and the outpouring from family and friends but I don't want it to sound as if I am in any way dismissing what they are going through or saying that it should all be fine soon.  I think I did o.k. and they were wonderful.  D, the deceased, certainly has so much to be proud of in the family that she raised.  One thing I was honestly able to say to each of her children was that she was so proud of them and that they should carry that with them forever.

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