Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We finally had a morning that didn't involve running out the door.  Until we discovered that Dh had to drive a friend to pick up her RV, that is.  At least the kidlets and I got to start the day more slowly.  We did some tidying, watching t.v. and snacking.  Of course, my dogs NEVER beg!
LB looked especially cute with Tramp and his "well bred" jammies with dogs all over the pants.
We did end up going up to the library to report for the summer reading club and then we came home to get Bob out.  LB is a big fan of Bob and Larry these days and it's quite funny to hear him try to say it.  Suffice to say, as Dh has said several times, we need one of those "universal translators" they use on Star Trek.
Wednesday is our crazy sports day.  First LB has his swim lesson with mummy
and then it's Pk's turn.

Once everyone is dressed and showered, we run up to the soccer field and have a quick picnic
before soccer practice begins.
We are all tired when we get home and tonight is no exception.  I'm off to bed.

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