Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Monday morning started early.  I haven't been running (I have a knee that doesn't love it) but I just felt the pull of a run.  There's a VBS session at our church this week and we volunteered to drive a friend's son up, as well, since she works and can't get him there and then back to daycare.  She drops him off and I need to make sure that everyone is up, dressed and ready by 8:15 when he gets here.  That's not usual early for us but this summer, we've been slower in the morning.  It was a bit of a rush.  The run was heaven, though - even if it was frustrating that I didn't have the stamina that I had worked up to last year.

Once we got the kidlets off to VBS (and poor LB, he was devastated that he wasn't going with the big kids), it was time to get working on the house.  When I've been away, I tend to come back and notice what needs doing.  My mission for the next couple of weeks is to get the house sorted out so that when I go back to work, I feel like we are organized and I want to prep for a yard sale (I know I haven't done a summer bucket list but that would be an item right at the top should I actually get around to writing one).  We have been dumping into our spare room so it seemed like the logical place to start.

LB and I spent the morning cleaning, sorting, pricing and throwing out.  It may not look like that much of a difference with all that stuff packed onto the bed but seriously, it was a MAJOR accomplishment.  While we worked, we had the t.v. on and I watched some coverage of the initial court appearance of the Aurora, Co. shooter.  I have very strong feelings about that but that's another post.  The good news was that at the end of the morning, I had gotten a job done and felt like I was on my way.

In the midst of it all, I also got a couple of loaves of chocolate chip banana bread made.  I am on treats for a couple of different events this week and I had an overabundance of bananas in the freezer.  These loaves may not look like much but they are fantastic.

As usual, Pk and I did some homework.  Each day, we read, we work on some math (right now, we are writing numbers, counting collections and working on more and less), we work on "Handwriting Without Tears" (the best printing programme EVER) and we work in her "Learning Advantage" book.  The "Learning Advantage" books are sold online but also through the schools in this area as summer practice support.  You buy the book for the coming year (so Pk is going into SK and we are working on the SK book).  I am not a big fan of worksheets and I really like this book - it's a mix of different kinds of tasks and they are very age and curriculum appropriate. 

Monday is swim lesson day.  After a nap for all of us, it was off to the pool.  LB goes first and today, he was a bit grouchy.  After his lesson, it's Pk's turn and he mixes watching her lesson and other sports going on in the complex.  This week, it was lacrosse.  He was mesmerized.  It's a violent sport but my grandfather was very well known in lacrosse in this province (he's actually in a sports hall of fame for it!) so, if LB decides to play, he will be following in family footsteps.

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