Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I have to say that one of the most comfortable sights in this house is Sadie, our cat.  She's tiny - she is often mistaken for a kitten and she is the embodiment of comfort and grace.  One of her favourite spots in our front window but only in the sun.  It's quite a common sight to see her stretched out, enjoying a sunny spot and when you speak to her, you are greeted with a very loud purr.  She always brings me a feeling of calm.

To begin today, we did a visit to the farm.  Our good friend has a family member from England visiting and one of whom we are very fond.  We had a nice visit (although it was disgustingly hot), a visit to the chickens in the barn and, of course, the kids had a good climb on the gravel mountain.  They will be so disappointed when it gets spread on the driveway.

Upon arriving at home, there was considerable excitement.  Our birthday gift for the little man, a full England kit, had arrived.  We bought one for Pk, too, with some money she was given as a gift from a special person.  They were both very excited.
 Wednesdays are going to be rather crazy for the next month or so.  We already do soccer on Wednesday evenings and now, we go to swimming beforehand.  Our new routine, provided that we can make it work, is to go to swimming, have a picnic in the soccer park and then do our soccer.

 Pk loves eating outside and poached salmon, buns, veggies and fresh cherries were right up her alley.

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